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Jura Z6 Review: Goodbye Baristas, Hello Automation

The robots are taking over and stealing our jobs! Their latest victim in their quest for world domination... your local barista. Or so you would think after using Jura's latest creation. Find out why I was left shaking in my boots in this Jura Z6 review.

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Mr Coffee Barista Espresso Maker Review – The Entry Level Champ

In the world of coffee making the word "Mr Coffee" brings out thoughts such as cheap and poor build quality, then why on earth am I recommending it as a decent entry level machine!? Find out more in this Mr Coffee Cafe Barista review.

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Breville Infuser Review – Is It Worth A Buy?

The Infuser is Breville's mid priced espresso machine that wants to caffinate your mornings. It's an interesting offering as it's not a budget machine, nor is the most expensive model in their range. So it begs the question - is it worth a buy? The short answer: yes. Find out more in this Breville Infuser review.

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Best Coffee Grinder For Espresso: A Barista’s Guide

best coffee grinder

If you're not using a good coffee grinder your coffee will be crap

Excuse the French but it's true. 

In fact I’ll go further and say that your grinder more important than your espresso machine. As without a consistent grind your shots will be sporadic, swinging from under to over extraction.

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Best Cappuccino Maker Picks For Home: 2016 Barista Guide

top cappuccino machines

Finding the best cappuccino maker is exactly like buying a car.

The "Ferrari" of cappuccino makers is going to give you a TON of performance...but it'll empty your wallet just as fast!

Whereas the "Toyota" of cappuccino makers is going to do an okay job, just don't expect anything exciting.

It's a task of compromise where you have to match your budget with the machine’s features, automation, and build quality, as all these influence the price. 

So the answer to what’s the “best one” is “it depends” – annoying right? I hate the “it depends” answer too.

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