Latte Art Sunrise

There’s nothing better than waking up to a coffee and sunrise. But what if that 6am start is too early for your liking? Not to worry, the latte art sunrise is made for you.


Difficulty: ★★★★

Prior Knowledge Needed


(1) Begin by resting the spout of your jug against your cup and allow the milk to flow in the center of the cup. While this is happening, rock your jug side-to-side about 1 centimetre (1/3 of an inch) to each side. When a semi-circle forms stop the pour.

(2) Next, repeat step 1 but inside the already created semi-circle. Rock your jug side-to-side just like in step 1 until a circle forms inside your already created semi-circle. Stop the pour when your cup is full. You will notice that there is now one big circle with a ‘halo’ around it.

(3) Now grab your chocolate powder and cover the lower half of your circle with chocolate. This will create the landscape of your sunrise.

(4) Now it is time to etch in (draw) the sun-rays. Grab a pointed rod such as a tooth pick or barista thermometer and create sun rays on the halo of your design. Simply dip your rod in the coffee about a centimeter deep and then push out to the outside of the cup while lifting your rod. Repeat this several times around the circumference of the halo.

(5) An optional final step is the repeat step 4 but with the darker colour of the espresso/chocolate. You will find this will create a nice contrast in the sun-rays. With that you’re all done to enjoy your coffee and sunrise, even if you slept in ;).

About the Author Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 5+ years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills. Learn more about him here.

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