Amazing Coffee Art Skills From Japan

In one of my earlier posts I discussed the two different types of latte art, free pour and etching. Well here is a barista from Japan who has taken the skill of etching to a whole new level.

Kazuki Yamamoto, as per his twitter account, specialises in producing latte art of popular anime and cartoon characters in his coffees. But it doesn’t stop there. He is also a master of a new type of latte art that has appeared on the Internet as of late, 3D coffee art.

3D coffee involves the use of thick milk foam to make art literally pop out at the drinker; this is done by spooning the foam on top of the coffee and then moulding it to the desired shape. Next, the dark crema of the espresso is used as paint to shade in patterns and designs. As a result you can achieve some amazing patterns such as images of giraffes, Simpsons characters and the always popular Hello Kitty cat. Below are some of George’s best works.

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Pretty amazing, no? I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his new work. You can check out some more free pour latte art designs here or make sure to like us on facebook to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the world of coffee making.

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