Latte Art Scorpion

Like to live dangerously? Maybe you’re the type of person who needs that extra adrenaline ‘sting’ to get you up in the morning.

Well, if drinking a scorpion doesn’t get your blood pumping then not much will! A latte art scorpion, that is.


Difficulty: ★★★★★

Prior Knowledge Needed

Latte Art Process

The scorpion is an advanced coffee art technique that requires excellent milk control and cup awareness. Jug placement is essential for this coffee art.

(1) This design begins by creating two rosettas waves on either side of the cup. You must ensure that you begin the pour from the middle of the cup and not from the back as you have to leave room for the body of the scorpion. I recommend slowing down your pour when creating the two rosettas, otherwise they’ll shoot off and fill up the rest of the cup. You want to make the rosettas parallel to each other on the adjacent sides of the cup.

(2) Once the two rosettas are created on either side, you want to rotate your cup 180-degrees to other side. Now you will create 1 tulip circle in the middle of the two rosettas. Make sure to shake the jug slowly side-to-side when creating the tulip circle, as this delicate design can easily stuff up. This creates the body of the coffee art scorpion.

(3) Now that the body is complete all we have left to do is the tail and stinger of the coffee design. There are 3 parts to creating the tail and they are done at the same time. The connection to the body, the tail itself and the stinger of the scorpion.

Begin by creating a small tulip circle within the body of the scorpion, however, instead of pulling away like you normally would, drag your jug back towards you in order to create the tail. This is the same technique we used when making the swan and you have to ensure that the jug is kept low and close to the crema of the coffee. Once the tail reaches the boundary of the cup, you want to curve it back towards the center of the cup.

(4) Now we will create the stinger of the scorpion. We do this by creating a mini free pour heart. Simply hold your jug stationary in the one spot and rock it gently side-to-side in order to create the heart circle. Once you are satisfied with the size of the stinger, pull your jug up to create a thin steady flow of milk and follow through the middle of your litter circle to create the heart and stinger. And you have completed the coffee design!

Side notes

Phew! That was a tough one to explain! Remember this latte art design is all about pouring slowly at the beginning So take your time, take a breath and tackle it slowly. You will definitely be trying this one serval times.

About the Author Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 5+ years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills. Learn more about him here.

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