The History Of Coffee

Ever wondered where your coffee came from? It didn’t just start at your local cafe or coffeehouse, its history is much longer. This is the history of coffee, abridged.

The History Of Coffee

For the ever curious, below is an extended version of the above info-graph. You can never know too much about coffee.

9thCentury: An Ethiopian goat herder discovers coffee by noticing his caffeine high goats munching on some berries in a bush. Wondering what all the fuss was about he decided to try some himself and felt that the berries gave him an extra sense of alertness. However the key to unlocking the power of the coffee plant was discovered later on, when herders decided to take the beans out of the berries and roast them. This brought out their natural caffeine.

15thCentury: Due to its caffeine properties, coffee quickly became widespread in Egypt, Middle East, Persia, Turkey and Northern Africa during the 15th century. But unlike the goat herders, coffee was now made into a hot drink.

1615: Coffee finally came to Europe around about 1615 and in turn allowed fruitful discussions without the delirious effect of alcohol. Not to say an alcoholic conversation is a bad thing. But coffee sure beats a hangover any day.

1645: The first coffeehouse opens in Italy and so foreshadowed the cafe culture that will one day take over the world.

1668:Coffee replaces beer as New York’s favorite breakfast drink.

1713: The Dutch gift Louis XIV a coffee bush destined to produce 90% of the world’s coffee. On a side note, there are two main types of coffee beans produced commercially in the world today: Robusta beans and Arabica beans. Robusta beans are usually used in cheap coffee alternatives such as instant coffee, while Arabica beans are almost entirely used for espresso due to its smoother taste.

1773: The Boston Tea Party makes drinking coffee a patriotic duty in US.

1788: Coffee arrives in Australia via Captain Cook. Only Antarctica to go until coffee has conquered every continent. 1901: A Chicago chemist, Satori Kato, invents instant coffee.

1907: Brazil accounted for 97% of the world’s total coffee harvest in the early 1900s.

1908: German housewife, Melitta Bentz, patents filtered coffee. The company she established, Melitta Group KG, still operates today employing over 3000 employees.

1933: Dr. Ernesto Illy invents the first automatic espresso machine in the world. Dr. Ernesto passed away in 2008 and is remembered as one of fore founders of espresso coffee.

1938: Nescafé coffee was invented, which took advantage of the new ‘snap freezing’ technology of the time.

1942: Widespread hoarding of coffee occurred during WWII. This lead to coffee rationing throughout the world.

1960: The Faema Company produced the first pump driven espresso machine.

1970:The first Star Bucks Cafe opens in the United States, regrettably…

1980:Latte art gets developed in the United States in Seattle.

1990: Coffee annually contributed US$140 million to the national economy of Nicaragua.

2000: Coffee consumption in the United States was 22.1 gallons (100.468 liters) per capita.

2013: About 83 % of U.S. adults drink coffee.

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