4 Latte Art Baristas To Follow On Social Media

Looking to increase your daily dose of latte art and be amazed by what can be created in a cup? Well here are 4 baristas on Instagram and Twitter that you should follow. Each has there own special way of making coffee art and you’re bound to be amused by something new. 

Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barista than specialises in etching and 3D latte art. You’ve probably seen one of his creations floating around the Internet. He mainly focuses on etching popular anime characters as well as dabbling in stunning 3D latte art. With a whopping 100K followers he’s been featured on many international media organisation and humble blogs like yours truly. 

3D coffee cats love coffee koi.
It’s a “Piccolo latte”.
Coffeestation_latteart is a Instagram account that’s all about technique. Perfect tulips. Perfect rosettas. Perfect hearts. With such a steady hand I wouldn’t be surprised if this barista was studying to be a surgeon. He must be doing something right with 167K followers on his side. 

Love lovely latte l…art. Failed that one.
Swan eyeing off a man’s hat.
Viki Rahardja is a talented Indonesian barista with accolades to match. Coming 1st place in an Indonesian Latte Art Competition and scoring third place in the 2013 Latte Art Thrown Down at 115 Coffee. This barista is one that’s not afraid to experiment with new designs, but also has classic technique.  

Make it black and white and you have art. Coffee art.
No idea what this thing is but it’s cute.
What? My account? How could I not put in a shameless plug about my blog. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up. But if you want to keep up to date with all the coffee making goodness this blog serves up make sure to follow us ;). 

A badass Phoenix.
Flying love heart floating over homework.
Do you have any recommendations of a barista we should follow? Post a comment below to their social media account.  


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