AeroPress Go: First Look At The Upcoming Refresh

There's a buzz going around the coffee community as a new AeroPress is about to be released - the "AeroPress Go". This is the first refresh of the much loved chamber coffee maker since it first came out 15 years ago. The AeroPress Go was revealed at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston and is designed for travel. Let's take a look at the upcoming product including a video demonstration. 


Aeropress Go

The first render of the AeroPress Go. Image by AeroPress, Inc.

AeroPress Go Features and Video

Looking at the first renders of the AeroPress Go the refreshed design appears to retain all the functionality of the original AeroPress but with emphasis placed on portability. When compared to the Original AeroPress the AeroPress Go has a similar tube chamber and plunger that is used to make up to 16 ounces of coffee. But the main changes come from the redesigned accessories that allow them to fit perfectly within its travel mug and silicon seal. 

UPDATE: I've got my hands on the new Aeropress Go and have written a AeroPress Go review and unboxing. Make sure to check it out.

Looking at the video demonstration we can see how the AeroPress employee dismantles the AeroPress Go.

She first lifts the cup to reveal the chamber and the curved plastic paper filter holder. Straight away I'm impressed at how the paper filters are stored. This is a simple yet great idea. Previously when travelling you stored your paper filters in a separate container or risked getting them damp if kept in the chamber post use. Now the filters neatly fit within the curved plastic container that rest around the AeroPress. Very cool!

Next she removes the redesigned coffee scoop and and stirrer from the tube chamber. Another smart design. Looking back the original stirrer and scoop were bulky for their intended use. I like how the stirrer folds to allow it to fit within the chamber.

Then she shows how the new chamber rests perfectly on the portable mug to extract your coffee. You could even use it as a takeaway mug by sealing it with the silicon lid. Finally the AeroPress Go is put back together into one neat package. 

The only thing that appears to be missing from this design compared to the original is the coffee funnel. I do like the funnel as I've had my fair share of grind spill accidents. But if it's not included I can understand why as this is meant to be a "portable' model. The funnel is extra bulk. But we will know for sure once the final product is released.

Release Date and Price

We hear that the release date will be August 2019 but no word yet on the final pricing. But I would expect the new AeroPress Go to retail around the same price of the original. I will update you all once I hear about the final dates and prices. 

Final Thoughts

I'm really excited to get my hands onto the AeroPress Go to see how it functions and to compare it to the original. I think this is a good move by AeroPress, Inc as they understand that a lot of their customers use the AeroPress as a portable coffee maker. This product will make it easier to make good coffee on the "go".

So what are your thoughts on the new design? Let me know below!

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