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 Last Updated September 24, 2021

The best super automatic espresso machine is designed to be a hands free coffee solution. With a quick press of a button they can make a latte, cappuccino and more. Making them perfect for people who want a morning pick me up without the fuss of a manual coffee maker.

After hours of research and several coffees later I’ve determined that the best super automatic espresso machine depends on the level of automation you need. If you want a fully super automatic machine I recommend the Saeco Xelsis. But if you’re content with partial automation I like the DeLonghi Compact.

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Compact Automatic Review DeLonghi Compact Partially Super Automatic

  • Partially super automatic espresso machine
  • Latest update of the “Compact” series
  • Automates espresso grinding and extraction
  • Manual milk frother
  • Programable drink selections

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SAECO super automatic espresso machine review Saeco Xelsis Fully Super Automatic

  • Fully super automatic espresso machine
  • Automates the entire coffee making process: steams the milk, grinds the coffee, extracts the espresso and creates beverages
  • Programable coffee profiles with 6 quick select beverages
  • Automatic cleaning cycle and descaling
  • Dual boiler system for fast brewing

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Why Does The Level Of Automation Affect My Selections?

Quite frankly it’s the price (as you may have seen). The main feature that influences the cost of super automatic espresso machines is the level of automation. Typically the more expensive the machine the greater automation it has. Usually this is the automation of the milk frothing and auto-cleaning. So your goal is to determine your cost to automation ratio to be able to pick the best super automatic espresso machine for you.

We choose our winners as we believe they capture the goals of the two sub-classes of super automatic espresso machines: “fully” and “partially” super automatic. That’s why we’re going to outline the key differences between these two sub-classes so can understand why we selected our winning coffee makers. It’ll also help you decided what machine is the right fit for you from our list below.

So What Is A Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

A super automatic espresso machine is a coffee maker that automates most if not all of the coffee making process. It grinds the beans, extracts the espresso, steams the milk and then pours the coffee into a glass. But like their manual coffee maker cousins there are two classes to choose from. These are: “fully super automatic” and “partially super automatic.”

Fully Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Fully super automatics are the equivalent of a robotic barista as they literally automate the entire espresso process. With a press of a button they make any espresso based drink you desire, including lattes, cappuccinos and more. All you have to do is supply the cup – although some do this too. The Saceo Xelsis above is a example of a fully super automatic espresso machine. It has both an inbuilt automatic burr grinder and a automatic milk frother that dispenses espresso and foam into the cup below. This is what makes it fully super automatic as every coffee making element is automatised. It grinds the coffee beans, extracts the espresso, froths the milk, and then pours it all into the cup below.

Partially Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Partially super automatics usually automate only the coffee grinding and espresso extraction process. If you wish to have steamed milk in your coffee you’ll have to do this manually with the inbuilt steam wand. However a manual steam wand is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because a manual wand allows you to control how much milk foam you wish to create. It also has the added bonus of greatly reducing the price of the coffee maker. The DeLonghi Compact above is an example of a fairly priced partially super automatic espresso machine. It only automates the grinding and espresso extraction and contains a manual frother — this is what makes it partially super automatic. As a result the price of the Compact is less than half of the Saceo.

Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine For You

Depending on your budget you will be choosing between a fully automatic or partially super automatic. Both offer their own pros and cons as discussed above. To help you pick the following are a curated collection of some of the best super automatic espresso machines available to buy today. We’ve organized the list starting at the entry level and building up to the high end. As you progress down the list you’ll notice the more expensive machines have greater automation. Your goal is to pick the espresso machine that matches your automation to price ratio. We’ve outlined the automation abilities for each coffee maker.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Espresso Maker ($)

Mr. Coffee entry level super automatic espresso machine

The Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker is an entry level partially super automatic espresso machine. Mr. Coffee’s unique difference is that it automates the milk steaming process rather than the espresso extraction process. This means you’ll manually tamp and insert the group into the espresso machine like a barista to produce your espresso. Some find that making great milk is harder than making great espresso — the Mr. Coffee solves this problem.

KRUPS Espresseria ($$)

Krupps is a good super automatic coffee machine

The Espresseria is partially super automatic espresso machine. It automates the coffee grinder and espresso making process and come equipped with an assisted steaming wand to froth milk. As discussed previously this is not a necessarily a bad thing as it allows you to control how much foam you wish to create. Further the Espresseria has a digital drink selection menu. All you do is roate the dile to your desired drink and press “ok”. The Espresseria is all about packing value into a compact espresso machine.

SAECO Intellia ($$$)

High end super automatic coffee maker

The Intellia is a fully super automatic espresso machine. This machine literally does it all. It grinds the beans, extracts the espresso and makes steamed milk. But this machine is no ordinary coffee maker. It takes the espresso experience to a whole new level. It contains an integrated burr grinder, a dual boiler system, customisable settings, and its own latte perfecto technology that seeks to create perfectly dense milk foam. But you would image a machine with this many features would be difficult to clean. You’ll be wrong there as it even has an automatic cleaning system. The Intellia is all about putting the best features you can into a premium espresso machine. Its coffee results speak for itself.

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