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Happy New Year from LAG

From everyone at Latte Art Guide we wish you a happy new year and festive season! Make sure to look for us in 2015 because we’re getting revamped with a new site, content and lots of exciting things to come!

But for time being here’s a recap some of the more popular posts on LAG. See you soon!

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Consumers Prefer Fair Trade Coffee Over Non-Fair

A study conducted by Furman University has suggested that consumers prefer fair trade coffee over non-fair alternatives.

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Tamp This Out: 7 Awesome Custom Coffee Tampers

Tamp Check this out. If there’s one thing other than an custom espresso machine that get’s my barista heart beating, it has to be awesome accessories.

It’s those little touches that makes pulling the perfect espresso all that much more enjoyable. And if there’s one tool that a barista cannot do without (other than their machine) it’s a great tamper.

But those boring, standard mental tampers can become mundane over time. So here are some unique coffee tamps you should check out:

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A Machine That Promises A Perfect Coffee – Is It End Of Baristas?

Imagine ordering a coffee through a phone app. A timer lets you know exactly when it’ll be ready. You get dressed, commute to work, and then walk into your favorite café. A machine serves your small latte without queue. Perfectly made, no mistakes.

Does this sound like something you’ll be interested in?

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The Most Obscure Coffees You Make As A Barista – A Little Rant

Every barista knows that person. You know the one. The half-skinny-half-full milk person. The latte with 12 sugars person. The double shot latte with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sprinkles person.

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