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Best Espresso Tamper For Home: A Barista’s Guide 2020

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The best espresso tampers are to baristas like what sneakers are to sneaker-heads.

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8 Best Hot Chocolate Makers For Hopeless Chocoholics – 2020 Review

In the chilly winter months there’s nothing better than getting rugged up with a delicious hot chocolate in hand. That’s why I’m uncovering the best hot chocolate makers to automate your cocoa cravings.

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Best French Press Coffee Maker 2020 – An Epic Quest

After dropping and breaking my old french press I set out on a quest to find the best french press coffee maker that’ll stand the test of time. My journey led me to the Espro Vacuum Press. It’s without a doubt the best coffee press out there, although it does come with a price premium. The SterlingPro is a good budget alternative for those who value durability and heat retention.

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3 Best Coffee Scales For Exact Brewing

Congratulations! As soon as you landed on this page you officially became a coffee geek. Because who else but coffee geeks like us want to find the best coffee scale for their morning brew.

But here’s the thing we ‘get’ that the average coffee drinker doesn’t: Accuracy is key for making great coffee!

By adding a scale to your brew station you’ll be eliminating the variable of weight and be rewarded with consistently delicious coffee. Below you’ll find a list of the best scales for coffee making.

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5 Best Milk Frother Reviews 2020: A Barista’s Guide

After looking at dozens of milk frothers, reviewing their capabilities and comparing them to each other, I’ve determined that the best milk frother is the

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