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Breville Dual Boiler Review – The Titan Killer?

The Breville Dual Boiler aims to combine all that’s best from commercial espresso machines and put it within a domestic setting. But does it live up to its ambitions or does it fall short from coffee making glory?

The short answer: Breville has produced an excellent espresso machine that challenges the coffee making quality of more expensive pro-user coffee makers. Lets dig deeper in this Breville Dual Boiler review. Or click here to check its price on Amazon.

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Best Super Automatic Espresso Machine For Home

The best super automatic espresso machine is designed to be a hands free coffee solution. With a quick press of a button they can make a latte, cappuccino and more. Making them perfect for people who want a morning pick me up without the fuss of a manual coffee maker.

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Breville Barista Express Review – The Editor’s Choice 2020

When picking this years editor’s choice we decided not to instantly jump to the high-end coffee market, rather we took a methodical approach and weighed up a machine’s coffee making ability with the needs of the average consumer. 

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6 Best Espresso Machines Under 1000, 500 & 200

Being a coffee enthusiast can be an expensive hobby. These days domestic espresso machines can cost as little as $100 to as much as $2000 and above. So finding the best value for your dollar is essential.

Luckily the coffee community has already searched, tested and ranked the best budget espresso machines out there. This post is a curation of most discussed and best espresso machines under $1000.

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