13 Pink Coffee Makers For Chic Homes

 Last Updated August 21, 2020

What's better than a morning coffee? A coffee made from a chic pink coffee maker of course! It not only makes your kitchen pop with color but lets your personality shine with caffeinated goodness.

In this guide I've listed the 13 best pink coffee makers. You'll find all types of coffee makers listed: pink coffee pots, espresso machines, keuirgs and more. The list includes both affordable coffee makers and ones more suited to the enthusiast. 

1. Pink French Press

pink french press

First up is the classic coffee maker with a bit of pink flare, the French Press by Coffee Gator. French Press coffee makers are a quick way to make filtered coffee. The key to a tasty french press is to make sure you use a course coffee grind and let the coffee brew for a minute before pouring. Our choice for the pink french press is the stainless steel Vacuum insulated french press. This insulation allows your coffee to stay hotter for longer. It also comes with a small coffee container to store your beans.

2. Moccamaster Pink Coffee Maker

pink moccamaster

Next up is the coffee enthusiast's choice, the Moccamaster. The great thing about this machine is that it makes a full carafe of coffee in just 6 minutes. But it's not just its speed that makes it a great purchase. The best thing about this machine is it allows you to control and HOLD its temperature between 196 to 205 degrees thanks to its hot plate. This means you will always have hot coffee to drink from a bright pink coffee maker. The Moccamaster also has a robust stainless steel construction and simple controls that allow anyone to make great tasting coffee. 

3. Pink Keurig Coffee Maker (Sandy Pearl)

pink keurig coffee maker

Keurig creates one of the most popular coffee machines on the market with their k-cup system. Simply put in your pod, press down and enjoy a hot mug of coffee. Unfortunately there is no base machine that fully embraces pink power. But this sandy pearl Keurig comes close as it looks like a pastel or baby pink coffee maker. I think the toned down color looks nice. Make sure you check out our guide on cheap k cups locations if you're a fan. But if you're still looking for a full on bright pink one option is to get a pink vinyl skin to cover your Keurig. 

4. Pink Percolator Coffee Pot

pink Percolator

A cheap but yum way to make coffee is with a pink percolator coffee pot. Click here to buy it on Amazon. You make coffee with percolators by filling it with course ground, water, and then brew it on top of your stove. The end result is a coffee that is very similar to a turkish coffee. This means the coffee comes out rich and thick. It's also a chic pink coffee pot. What's not to love.

5. DeLonghi Kmix Pink Coffee Machine

Pink DeLonghi Coffee Maker

Another affordable carafe machine is the this Delonghi pink coffee maker. This one is a 5 cup maker meaning it is one of the smaller ones on the market. It is also less complicated than the other makers on this list as it simply has an on and off button to start making coffee to its pre-set temperature. But its pink color and petite size makes it a cute addition to any kitchen. 

6. Pink Cuisinart Coffee Maker

pink Cuisinart coffee machine

If you're looking for a cheaper hot plate coffee maker, this (almost) pink Cuisinart coffee maker is a good option. Unfortunately there is no Cuisinart on the market that is pure pink. But this deep red color one is the closest we could find. It comes with temperature controls for its hot plate that allows you to drink hot coffee throughout the day.

7. Pink Bella Dots Coffee Maker

Pink Bella Dots Coffee Maker

Another cute pink coffee maker is the Bella Dots. This coffee maker is another carafe style machine. The interesting thing about the Bella pots is that it has an auto-start feature, meaning you can set it to make coffee automatically in the morning. Picture waking up and walking to the kitchen to find a fresh brew of joe waiting from your pink coffee machine. Nothing better.

8. Pink Pour Over V60 Coffee Maker

v60 pink coffee maker

If you're a fan of the Hario V60 or pour over coffee making this pink take on the pour over is a great option of you. When it comes to pour over there's not much of a difference between brands. This one stands out for obvious reasons, it's pink! It also comes with a pink measuring scoop. 

9. Hello Kitty Pink Coffee Machine

hello kitty coffee maker

How could we not finish up this list without the most famous pink mascot in the world, Hello Kitty. Of course Hello Kitty would make a pink coffee maker. To be honest I don't recommend this machine if you want to make quality coffee. But it is a great gift for someone who is a fan of the brand or perhaps a occasional coffee drinker. You can get it cheap here on Amazon.

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Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 10 years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills.

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