4 Custom La Marzocco GS3 Espresso Machines

Regulars around here know that I tend to lust over custom and modified espresso machines.

So I thought why not make featuring them a regular thing. Think of it as “bookmarking” that espresso machine you’ll own in the future.

For the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some of the best modified espresso machines by master craftsman and women. Each week we’ll focus on one particular machine and then allow you to vote for your favourite. This week it’s a custom La Marzocco GS3 battle!

1. White Walnut GS3


GS3 with a white powdercoat, walnut timber sides and copper accents. Comes with a actuator paddle and gauge mod. Customised by @specht_design (instagram). Photo by: @timothywee (instagram).

2. See Through GS3


A simple but effective modification with see-through side panels. The inside looks just as good as the out. Photo/customised by: Kaffee Macher (site).

3. Black Walnut GS3


This GS3 comes with walnut sides, paddle and handle, black coating, brass highlights and modified strada group. Photo/customised by: @specht_design (instagram).

4. Engraved La Marzocco GS3


Walnut side panels and group handle with engraved La Marzocco lion and embedded red logo. Photo/customised by: @specht_design (instagram).

Which one is your favourite?

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P.s. If you know of any great craftspeople that customised espresso machines post their details below. I’d love to feature their work in future posts.

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