About Latte Art Guide

Welcome to Latte Art Guide! A website that shares knowledge about coffee making, latte art, and barista news.

There are two goals for this site.

Firstly, to provide budding baristas with the basic and advance knowledge of coffee making, and secondly to create an online community where people can read and share their knowledge about coffee.

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A Little About The Founder

Whilst beginning my journey into the land of tertiary education I quickly became accustomed with the beverage of choice of all university students — coffee.

That rich, flavoursome, warm drink filled with caffeinated goodness soon became my beverage of choice and so the passion began.

I wanted to learn more about coffee, how it was made, the different tastes and where it came from.

I started researching and learning as much as I could so it seemed like a natural progression to become a part-time barista while completing my studies.

Today I have over 7 years experience making coffees in both busy and boutique café environments where I developed my passion for the bean.

I’ve competed in multiple latte art and coffee making competitions and have also trained other baristas how to make coffee.

I’m here to share my knowledge in a simple and engaging manner that’ll hopefully inform, entertain or spark your interest in coffee making, or help even help you find the right coffee machine for your home.

Ivan Bez Latte Art Guide

Ivan - Barista & Founder

Want To Contact Me?

If you wish to enquire about colabs on my social media, just shoot me an email at latteartguide@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you. Please note I do not accept guest posts or sponsored seo links on my blog.

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