5 Best Coffee Maker With Grinder: Grind and Brew 2023

 Last Updated January 2, 2023

There's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. 

But the process of grinding beans, boiling water, and then making your coffee can be a hassle. Especially when you're in a rush!

So what's the solution? Grind and brew coffee makers

In this guide we'll uncover the best coffee maker with grinder built in. But for those who want a quick recommendation you should consider the Breville Grind Control.

Breville Grind Control

This stylish coffee maker brews fresh coffee automatically each morning, you can even program coffee strength and grind size!

Keep reading to see our best grind and brew coffee makers, individual reviews, and our barista buying guide. 

Best Coffee Makers With Grinders

Each of the above machines differ a little from the other -- mainly the type of coffee it makes: drip coffee, espresso, and latte. But they all share that one important feature, a built in coffee grinder.

Pick the one that makes the type of coffee you enjoy while balancing your budget and desired build quality. 

Below you'll find our review of each machine before concluding with handy buying guide about coffee makers with built-in grinders.

Best Grind And Brew Coffee Maker Reviews

Now that we've gone through our buying guide. Below you'll find individual reviews of our selections.  Each review has been divided to a category winner.

Top pick!

Our pick for the best grind and brew coffee maker is the Breville Grind Control. The Breville edged over its competitors thanks to its techy features, precision grinding and beautiful industrial design.

breville grind control


  • Grind and brew one cup or jug
  • Programmable strength and "rise' function
  • Auto morning Start


  • A bit more expensive

But what really sets the Breville apart from other the coffee makers on this list is that it's one of the few with an inbuilt conical burr coffee grinder. The grinder does a great job in making consistently tasty coffee with its gravity fed hopper and 8 strength settings. It's a no fuss coffee maker that looks great.

In terms of size the Breville is a little bigger than other coffee makers coming in at 14 x 9 x 17 inches. This is because it needs the extra space to fit the internal grinder,  bean hopper, and most importantly the 12-cup thermal carafe that comes with the machine. The exterior is a brushed stainless steel and has to be the best looking coffee maker on the market today - a trend that Breville continues with all of its coffee machines.

Convenience wise the the Breville has all the techy features you would come to expect fro a modern coffee maker. First off it has the all important auto start up feature that allows you to program an auto-start and brew time. Yep, this means you'll be waking up to freshly made coffee every morning.  It also has a digital LCD screen that gives you live feedback on your grind size, brew time and temperature - all of which are adjustable. 

Runner up!

2. Cuisinart Grind & Brew

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew was a close runner up to the Breville. In fact it shares many of the same features: an inbuilt burr grinder, auto start functions and digital displays.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker


  • Programable start up
  • Can set strength and grind settings
  • Burr coffee grinder


  • Not good for small volume

However the Breville won over due to its superior design and extra techy features. For example the Breville is a fully stainless steel build, while the Cuisinart uses a combination of plastic and stainless steel in its design. 

But this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it helps reduce the cost of the machine. The other feature it lacks is the greater customization. Although the Cuisinart has strength settings, it does not have has many as the Breville, nor can it brew one cup of coffee at a time like the Breville can. It's either a full pot or nothing.

But the last point you should compare between these two machines is their price. The Cuisinart is a good 40-50 bucks cheaper than the Breville most of the time. So if the few extra features and bit better design does not sway your mind, then we recommend picking up the Cuisinart instead. It'll still look great in any kitchen, perhaps just a little less high tech looking - but not everyone likes the high-tech design anyway.

Budget pick!

3. Gevi Coffee Maker

If you're looking for a cheap drip coffee maker with a grinder, the Gevi Coffee Maker is a good option. It's the only coffee maker on this list under $100 and it packs in a lot of the features its more expensive counterparts have.

Gourmia Coffee Maker with Grinder


  • Very affordable
  • Auto morning start up
  • Easy to use


  • Blade grind makes inconsistent extraction
  • Not as good build quality
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The Gevi has a programmable auto start feature for the mornings, an inbuilt grinder, programable strength settings and digital display.

Now being more that half the price of our top machine there are obviously some compromises to be made. For example the build quality of the machine is not as good as the others on this list and it's carafe not a thermal, rather a glass build, which means it won't hold its heat for as long. But you can always but substitute carafe or use the one you may already have at home.

The biggest con of this machine is that it's internal grinder uses a "blade" system instead of a "burr grinder". This means that the grinder cuts and splices the coffee beans within the hopper instead of grinding them into even particles. This results in uneven extractions. However if you just want a strong drip coffee for a reasonable price and are not too fussed about consistency, then this machine should still be on your list.

Super automatic choice!

4. DeLonghi Magnifica

If you're in the market for a super-automatic espresso machine that'll grind beans on command and make espresso, you should check out the Delonghi Magnifica.

Delonghi Magnificat Espresso Machine with Grinder


  • One touch espresso maker
  • Can make drip style americano coffee
  • Quick start up and easy to use


  • No auto milk frother, can can buy seperate.
  • No auto morning start like drip machines.

Unlike the grind control coffee makers above this is the first machine on this list that focuses on making espresso based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. If you prefer these over drip coffee then the Magnifica is a better fit for you. Note it is a single serve coffee maker with a grinder built in. 

The Delonghi Magnifica is a partially automatic espresso machine, this means it only automates the coffee grinding and espresso making process. Instead it comes equipped with an assisted steaming wand if you want to make a frothy cappuccino. This makes the Magnifica much cheaper when compared to fully automatic coffee machines that end up costing in the $1000+ range. 

Espresso option!

5. Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express is one of my favourite espresso machines and I have written an in-depth review of it here. I like it because from an espresso making perspective it has everything the average coffee lover needs to make great barista style coffee at home.

espresso machine with grinder


  • Can make barista grade coffee
  • Control every element of coffee making


  • The most hands on machine on this list, however can make the best coffee after experience.

Now in comparison to the machines above there is one main difference you'll notice straight away - there's a bit more work involved. Even though it has an inbuilt grinder you'll still have to tamp the coffee yourself, extract the coffee, and steam the milk just like your local barista does.

If you enjoy getting more hands on with your coffee making this is a great option for you. Otherwise if you want an espresso maker with a grinder that's more automated then the above Delonghi would be the better option.

Grind and Brew Grinder Guide

In the past grinding fresh coffee meant grabbing your your coffee beans, grinding, measuring, and fumbling to your coffee maker to make your morning brew.

But today there are coffee makers with internal grinders that streamline this process. With a press of a button you can grind your beans and brew coffee hot instantly. 

So when it comes to buying a coffee maker with an inbuilt grinder the first thing you should look at is the grinder itself. Is it of good quality? And what type of grinder is it?

I already covered this topic in great detail in my post on about small coffee grinders, however the same principles apply here. 

Burr vs Blade

There are two types of grinders you can choose from: burr and blade

1. Burr Grinders: These are the best for making coffee. They work by having two burrs (disks with teeth) spinning to grind coffee in even particles. Most coffee makers utilize a conical burr grinder as they're more compact, however some use flat as well. Both types make good coffee.

2. Blade Grinders: Blade grinders should be avoided unless you have a small budget as they produced coffee of lesser quality. They work by having a spinning blade cut and splice the coffee beans before extracting. This results in a uneven extraction, which greatly impacts the taste of your coffee.

burr and blade coffee maker

Burr grinder on left, blade on right.

Why Are Burr Coffee Makers Better Than Blade?

The main reason why burr grinders are better than blade is because they actually grind the coffee into uniform particles, while a blade grinder cut and splice the fresh coffee beans. You can see the difference in the grind quality below. 

blade-coffee-maker vs burr coffee maker

An uniform grind results in a great tasting coffee as the coffee is extracted evenly. While an uneven grind means the extraction will be sporadic, with a big chance of grinds will finding their way into your cup.

So it makes sense to grab a coffee maker with burr grinder rather than blade - unless you're after a really cheap one.

All of the machines that made our list are have burr coffee grinders except the budget Gevi (it's good if you don't want to spend a lot of money).

Brew Coffee Maker Features

When buying a coffee maker there are several features you should look out for. Below we outline the most important features and those that you will find if you spend a bit more money.

Brew Capacity

How much of a coffee addict are you? You should ask yourself this question as you want to make sure that you brewer makes enough coffee to meet your needs.

Make sure to check how many cups of coffee your machine can make. If you have large coffee cravings  a bigger machine will be needed. If you're not a big coffee drinker maybe consider a smaller sized coffee maker.

Grinder Capacity

This features follows on from the above. Grind and brew coffee makers turn freshly ground coffee beans into our favourite beverage. You want to make sure that that the coffee container is a decent size to be able to make the amount of coffee you need.  

Adjustable Grind Control

Did you know in order to make the best coffee you need to keep an eye on the grind of the coffee? Some people may not consider this important for brewed coffee, however in our opinion it is very important.

You want to make sure your coffee bean grinder is adjustable, allowing you to change the consistency of the grind to produce the best tasting coffee.

Auto Start Up and Sleep Mode

There's nothing better than waking up to a hot cup of coffee. If you want to make this possible you want to make sure your coffee maker has an auto start option.

At the same time, a sleep mode is also handy to save on your power bill. You don't want your machine running all night long when you're not going to be drinking until the morning.

Hot Plate

In order to keep your coffee warm throughout the day, you want to make sure you machine comes with a hot plate. A hot plate allows you to have hot coffee throughout the day. This essential for coffee lovers. 

LCD and Easy Controls

Check out how easy the coffee machine is to use. Does it have LCD displays and easy to use controls?

Size of the Machine

If you don't have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, you want to make sure you get a machine that is a good size. Make sure you check the measurements of your machine before you buy it. 

Size of Pot

Brew coffee machines typically come with a pot or durable glass carafe. This allows you to keep pouring coffee throughout the day rather than making a single cup at a time. 

Size of water tank

The majority of these machines have a removeable water tank. You want to make sure it has enough capacity to brew the amount of coffee you brink each day and that it is easy to fill up.


Last but not lease, make sure the machine you buy matches your budget. The more expensive the machine the better features and build quality you will receive. But if all you need is freshly brewed coffee, then there is no point spending too much money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions coffee drinkers ask about brew coffee machines. 

What is the best coffee to use?

We recommend using freshly roasted coffee from your local coffee roaster for the best tasting coffee. If you don't have access to fresh coffee, look for arabica coffee beans as they have better flavour. 

What grind size is best for filtered coffee?

You want to use a coarse grind size for brewed coffee. This is because they use a filter to pass the coffee through the water. If you grind your coffee too fine no coffee will come out or it will be too bitter. Having a coarse grind produces the best results. 

What coffee drinks can I make?

Most of these machines make black filtered coffee. This is also known as drip coffee.  The Breville, Cuisinart and Gevi are best suited for this coffee. You can also make iced coffee with this coffee in the warmer months. 

The Barista Express and the DeLonghi make espresso based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites. The type of machine you should get depends on the type of coffee you want to drink. 

How to clean drip coffee machines?

There are several steps involved in cleaning you machine. But the most important items are the built in grind, filter, and thermal carafes. This is because over time old ground coffee beans will start to build up in these areas. 

For the built in grinder, you want to use a brush to dust away any old coffee grinds or who beans as they will affect the taste.

For the filter, make sure you rinse it through and make sure to replace the paper filter after each use.

Finally the thermal carafe, you want to give it a standard wash. Most are dishwasher safe so it is an easy job to do.

And that finishes off our buying guide. If you have any questions about buying a integrated grinder coffee machines, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll help you out. 

About The Author 

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Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 10 years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills.

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