Jura Z6 Review: Goodbye Baristas, Hello Automation

 Last Updated January 26, 2022

The robots are taking over and stealing our jobs! Their latest victim in their quest for world domination... your local barista. Or so you would think after using Jura's latest creation. Find out why I was left shaking in my boots in this Jura Z6 review.

Jura Z6 review


  • One touch bean to coffee system
  • Can make 2 coffees at once
  • Program your own drinks


  • Wish the milk container could be hidden

It's The End Of The Line, Baristas

Well maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but it seems as though as each year passes super-automatic espresso machines get one step closer to the real deal.

In fact depending on where you're living the Jura Z6 could probably best your local barista in a brew off. 

This is because the Jura Z6 is a true "one touch" bean to cup coffee machine.

With a press of a button it will do it all: grind the beans, extract the espresso, froth the milk and pour your latte into your favorite mug.

But most high end super-automatic machines are a "one touch" system...so what does the Jura Z6 do to justify its premium price tag?

The short answer: ridiculous customization, beautiful design and dual coffee making.

Let's take a closer look under the hood and explore these features. Or click here to get a good deal on the Jura.

Inside The Jura Machine



Machine Type:



Single ( Dual Thermoblock)

Milk Frother:

Yes - Automatic


17.5 x 9 x 12.7 inches

Underneath the hood of every barista killing robot automatic espresso machine are a core set of features you should look out for:

  • What it automates
  • The boiler system 
  • The grinder quality

I'll be inspecting each of these elements to see if the Jura ticks all the boxes.


Automation is probably the main reason you're looking to buy the Jura Z6. So you want to make sure it automates everything you want. 

I can tell you now the Jura is one heck of a robotic barista.

The rotating wheel on top of the machine allows you to program up to ten espresso strengths and three espresso temperatures.

The milk temperature and foam density is also customizable, allowing you to program in up to 10 variations in density and temperature.

But the really geeky feature of the Jura is that you can program in your own custom drinks.

Like your cappuccino a little hotter than normal? Maybe you like a double shot, extra strong Americano? No problem. Set it up once and then you can also make your drink on demand.

The key differentiator of the Jura Z6 when compared to sub-$1000 espresso machines is that the Jura has the ability to make two coffees at once. 

It is the ideal machine for those who value convenience without compromising on quality.

The Boiler

At the heart of the Jura is a single boiler with a dual thermo-block system that's responsible for packing out enough pressure to extract your espresso and steam your milk. 

A thermo-block is basically a series of coils that water passes through in order to rapidly heat it. For a single boiler machine like the Jura this really speeds up the coffee making process.

It is this dual thermo-block system that allows the Jura Z6 to extract two espressos at the same time. If there was only one thermo-block it would result in terrible temperature control and a much slower experience.  

There's one type of boiler that is superior to thermo-block systems and that's a dual boiler, but you'll be looking at spending a heck lot more money. Take Jura's top end model for example, the J´╗┐ura Giga 5 on Amazon

For its price point the boiler is sufficiently fast to handle a family's morning rush or even act as a office coffee machine.

90 secs From "On" To Drinking Coffee

The dual boilers take about 90 seconds to complete your beverage from turning it on till your latte is ready for drinking. 

The Grinder 

Finally is the grinder. This is the most important part of any espresso machine as if the grind is bad your coffee will be terrible. Fortunately the Jura's conical burr grinder is up to the task.

A conical burr utilizes gravity to feed coffee beans into the grinder where two cone shaped burrs evenly grind the coffee. See the diagram below from my small espresso grinder post to see how they work.

Conical burr grinder diagram

The Jura Z6 uses a conical burr grinder. (c) Latte Art Guide.

It can hold a quarter 10 ounces of coffee in its bean compartment that's freshly sealed by a rubber lid. 

To change the grind settings flip open a hidden lid right next to the bean hopper. The grinder has a progressive setting to allow you to adjust the coarsens of the grind. This is important as the ideal coffee grind changes throughout the day.

My Minor Quarrel With The Jura

Like most Jura models the Z6's milk container is not built within the machine, rather it the it is held in a seperate container outside the machine.

I understand why Jura does this from an engineering standpoint - you don't want to forget about milk in a hot espresso machine. Also an exterior milk container makes the desing of the actually espresso machine smaller.

But I would still like a place to hide the milk container away. Luckily Jura's milk containers are pretty stylish so they match the look of your machine.

Should You Buy The Jura Z6?

The Jura Z6 is the ultimate home super-automatic espresso machine. It really is perfect for the person who wants a one touch solution to their coffee needs.

Probably one of the main reasons you should get the Z6 is if you're going to be making multiple coffees at a time. It's dual coffee making capacity makes it perfect for this, and ideal for both offices and coffee addicted families. 

You can read more reviews on the Jura Z6 and check out its pricing by clicking the button below. 

About The Author 

Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 10 years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills.

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