5 Different Kinds Of Coffee To Try

I have to admit I’m a bit bias towards espresso when it comes to coffee making. But as of late I’ve been stretching my wings and exploring alternative brewing methods. 

From brews to presses, to drips and siphons – each method comes with its own unique taste and brewing style. Below you’ll find a list of alternative brewing methods to compliment your everyday espresso.

Syphon Coffee

syphon coffee

What is it?

To Breaking Bad fans syphon coffee looks like something out of Heisenberg’s kitchen. You’ve got a double beaker set up where water from the bottom beaker is sucked up via vacuum pressure through the coffee grounds, and then filters coffee down to the bottom beaker once cooler. It’s one of the more visually appealing ways of making coffee thanks to the open flame used to heat the beaker.

What’s it like?

Fragrant and not too bitter. It’s got a bit more zing than a pour over, and watching it being made is pretty awesome.

Cold Drip

cold drip coffee

What is it?

The patient drinker’s coffee. Cold drip is made by allowing cold water to drip onto a coffee pack, slowly filtering though over many hours, until dropping into a vessel underneath. It results in what is essentially a ‘raw’ coffee taste. This is a slow brewing method and is served iced. This makes it perfect for a summer coffee drink. A lot of speciality cafes are introducing cold drip coffee into their menus as of late.

What’s it like?

Earthy rather than sweet, chilled, and produces an intense raw coffee taste due to the prolonged brewing time. It also looks like something that an alchemist would use.

Pour Over

filtered coffee

What is it?

Pour over coffee involves passing hot water through wet coffee grounds, which is then strained by a paper filter. The coffee then strains steadily into a beaker below it to produce a clean, grind free black coffee.

What’s it like?

Pour over is a black coffee, but it doesn’t have a strong taste as the beans don’t ‘stew’ in the water for an extended period of time. Different types of bean origins produce different tastes. But it’s well suited for a fruity blend.


different kinds of coffee

What is it?

The Aeropress is a cross between an air pump and a pour over coffee. Air pressure is used to pass hot water through coffee grounds, which is then filtered through a paper strainer directly into your cup. This process requires a bit of muscle to implement but it’s not too straining at all. One of the perks of the Aeropress is that it’s very low maintenance and super easy to clean.

What’s it like?

It’s a great brewed coffee — a leaner, cleaner plunger taste with no gritty little bits in it.

Coffee Cherry Tea (Cascara)


What is it?

Coffee cherry tea is made from the dried red fruit husk that surrounds the coffee bean. As with any tea you can make it in a tea pot, strainer or use your coffee press.

What’s it like?

Think rosehip tea with an earthy undertone and unique coffee kick. You can also use the tea to make an excellent iced coffee that goes great with orange zest grated in. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any listings on Amazon for this tea, but there are several independent online retailers that sell it. Have a quick google.

And there we have it, five different kinds of coffee to try. Have you had any of the above coffees or have other suggestions? Tell us about your experiences below.

About the Author Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 5+ years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills. Learn more about him here.

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