Best Oat Milk For Coffee & Lattes: Barista Guide

 Last Updated January 28, 2024

As a barista, oat milk is my favorite type of alternative milk to make coffee with. This is because it tastes great and makes good latte art. In this post I'll be listing the best oat milk for coffee making based on my experiences with making coffee at cafes and at home.

Best oat milk for coffee

A latte I made with Oatly oat milk at home.

I'll start off by listing the best barista oat milk I've used, before discussing generally what makes oat milk great for lattes and cappuccinos, and where to find them. 

Best Oat Milk For Coffee

Oatly Barista Oatmilk

Oatly is my personal favorite oat milk when it comes to making coffee. From the brands I've tried, I find it tastes the best and produces silky smooth foam when frothed. It's my top pick for latte art, too, allowing me to make designs you would normally only be able to do with dairy. 

Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk

Minor Figures is the new brand on block for barista oat milk. I've tried this brand and have to say, I am impressed. I can also make great latte art with this brand. The taste is slightly different to Oatly, but still good. It's common to find this brand used at cafes like Oatly.

Chobani Oat Milk For Coffee

Good for coffee and normal use

Chobani is popular brand of oat milk. Although you don't tend to find this brand in the cafe setting, it's still a good milk that's suited for both making lattes and normal milk uses like cereal or sauces.

Oatsome is another brand similar to Chobani that is great for lattes and normal use for other cooking. This one has a fantastic taste and is the best valued oat milk on this list, as you can find really good deals for it.

What makes some oat milk better than others for coffee?

The key to making great coffee with oat milk is to use "barista grade" oat milk. This is oat milk with added thickeners added into it that allow it to froth better. Typically, this is a type of oil or plant-based thickener. Normal oat milk do not have these added thickeners, and this is why you have a hard time frothing them as there are is minimal fats to expand.

For example, have a look at the ingredients below from Oatly. The added thickener is vegetable oil. It's the fats within the oil that allow it to froth up like dairy milk.

Barista oat milk ingredients

It's the vegetable oil within Oatly that allows it to froth up.

When these fats are put under pressure they make the microfoam required to make latte art. With some practice you can even do more complicated designs like the swan I poured below with Oatly oat milk! It really does a good job and frothing and that is why you often see it as the oat milk of choice at cafes.  If you're interested in make oat milk latte art, make sure to check out my guide on steaming oat milk.

Latte art made with oat milk

A latte art swan I made with oat milk.

But even if you're not concerned with latte art and just want a nice and frothy cappuccino with your milk frother, then you should still grab a barista grade oat milk as it's the best milk to froth in the world of plant based milks. 

Where can you buy barista oat milk?

With the increased popularity of alternative milks, barista oat milk has become much more readily available both online and in store.

From the milks I have listed in this guide 3 out of the 4 I was able to find in my local supermarket as seen below, with the other ones found online on Amazon here.

Oatly Barista Oat Milk

Oatly milk in my local supermarket.

Minor Figures Oat Milk For Latte

I also found Minor Figures.

Chobani Oatmilk Barista Coffee Oat Milk

Chobani is also easily available.

So next time you are the shops, I recommend you pick one up yourself to try. You will find you will be able to make much better coffees with these milks.

What makes oat milk great for coffee?

From all the plant based milks I've tried oat milk is the best for lattes and other milk based coffees. This is because the nutty taste of oat milk mixes very well with the flavor of espresso.

For the best results, I recommend you use a medium to dark roasted coffee as the flavors blend the best. You can also make coffee with lighter roasted espresso beans, but you will find that lighter roasted coffee is more acidic and sometimes don't blend well with alternative milks.

So, what's the best oat milk for frothing and lattes?

From my experience as a barista, and using several different types of oat milk. The best oat milk for frothing is Oatly. Give it a go yourself and let me know what you think.

Oatly Barista Oatmilk

Oatly is my personal favorite oat milk when it comes to making coffee. From the brands I've tried, I find it tastes the best and produces silky smooth foam when frothed. It's my top pick for latte art, too, allowing me to make designs you would normally only be able to do with dairy. 

The great thing about oat milk these days is that there are lot of them. So if you don't like the taste of one, give another brand a go. Just remember, if you're making coffee, make sure you get yourself a barista version for the best results.


Below are some common questions below have asked me about barista oat milk. If I've missed anything out, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll add it to the list.

What is the difference between oat milk and Barista oat milk?

The difference between oat milk and barista oat milk is that barista oat milk has added thickeners in it that allow you to froth it. Normal oat milk does not have these thickeners, and because of this they are very hard to froth. Thickeners in barista oat are typically fatty oils like vegetable or palm oils that expand when steamed.

What oat milk do baristas use?

Most cafes that I have worked at and bought coffee from use only a few brands. I often see Oatly, Minor Figures, Alternative Milk Co, and Milk Lab. These are all "barista grade" oat milks with added thickeners that make them taste creamy when frothed.

What are the benefits of oat milk?

There are many benefits to oat milk. It is a nutritious, versatile dairy alternative rich in fibre, particularly beta-glucans. It's also vegan and low-allergen, catering to diverse dietary needs. Many oat milks (like Oatly) are also fortified with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, and B12. But probably it's #1 benefit is that it has a lower environmental footprint than dairy or almond milk. 

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