Top Coffee Grinders For The Home Barista

Welcome to the second edition of the Home Barista guide.

Last time we discussed espresso machines, so naturally the next item on discussion are the top coffee grinders.

Top Coffee Grinders Home Barista

Coffee grinders are a diverse bunch. You can purchase a mountain of them from electric grinders to hand powered gadgets. But in order to produce the best coffee at home, a consistent and reliable grinder is essential.

burr coffee grinderUnlike when purchasing an espresso machine, the most expensive grinder is not always the best. You’re seeking a machine that can produce the same coffee grind every time. This is important, as one of the core components of making coffee is consistency, the ability to reproduce the same cup of coffee. If you keep your inner barista focused you may be able to snap up the best grinder for you.

What I Use

I use a Krups Coffee Grinder at home (shown on the right). This grinder is pro-user machine and a reliable one at that. The thing I love about it is its automatic grind function and its ability to easily adjust the coarseness of the grind. This is perfect for home use as it ensures that you’re not wasting valuable coffee. All you do is put in your coffee group in (the handle that holds that coffee) and stop grinding when you reach your desired amount. If the coffee shot was too fast or slow, just twist the grind adjuster and your next coffee would be perfect. I definitely suggest checking it out as at $149 it’s a excellent value for money.

Listed below are a couple good low and high end alternatives:

Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Features over 14 different grind settings. Has a timed grinding feature to allow for consistent grinding. Multiple colours to choose from.

Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder

Features 25 grind settings from french press to espresso. Make multiple coffee types with ease. LCD screen to show grind settings and allow for grind customisation. Large coffee holder and excellent design.Breville Smart Grinder

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