AeroPress Go Review and Unboxing: 3 Years of Use

 Last Updated January 2, 2023

I am a big fan of the AeroPress, so when I found out that that a new portable version of it called the "AeroPress Go" was being released I had to get my hands on it and do a unboxing and review for you all. Lets get into this AeroPress Go review!

aeropress go


  • Everything you need to make great coffee fits in its portable mug!
  • Smart design upgrades for portability.
  • Looks good and tastes great.


  • If you were waiting on AeroPress to release a bigger version of the coffee maker, you will be disappointed as this AeroPress Go is smaller than the original.

AeroPress Go Review: Why Does it Exist?

I was quite surprised when I discovered AeroPress was releasing its first ever refresh of its coffee maker. I am a big fan of the original AeroPress and did a review of it here and have been using it for years. So the first question I asked myself when I heard of the AeroPress Go is, why does it exist?

AeroPress says that this coffee maker is a compact version designed for work, travel, and camping - and I can see why.

Every aspect of the the AeroPress Go has been thoughtfully redesigned to reduce its size and allow for a more compact form without losing its excellent coffee making abilities.

What ended up surprising me the most however was the fact I'm going to be using the Go over the original Aeropress! This is because I love the how it saves space in my pantry by all the gear fitting within the mug, smart redesigns of its tools, but most of all I can take it on the road without needing another portable mug like below. 

Aeropress Go Travel

Using the AeroPress Go on the "Go".

Update: 3 Years Of Use Later

Since it's now 2023, several years have now past since I first got the AeroPress Go, so I figured it would be good if I gave a very quick update to this review on my thoughts on it many years later. 

I am happy to say that the same AeroPress I got 3 years ago is still kicking strong today with no issues. I still use it on a regular basis with no issues and is also my preferred AeroPress compared to the original one I also have. It's a very well-built coffee tool!

Unboxing The AeroPress Go

I was lucky enough to get an AeroPress Go a little early than most, so let's have a look at what you'll find inside AeroPress Go.  

AeroPress Go with accessories

What's in the box. 

In the box you will find:

  1. The redesigned AeroPress Go tube and piston. It is smaller in height compared to the original but has the same width. This means you can use the original AeroPress piston as a spare.
  2. A redesigned foldable stirring wand with a textured grip.
  3. A new measuring spoon. I love this new design as it fits perfectly within the tube and piston! This means you get no coffee grind spillage! The old AeroPress came with a funnel to make sure the coffee does not spill out - but with the AeroPress Go you don't need one!
  4. A micro-filter pocket holder. It holds 10-20 filters easily.
  5. The BPA free mug that fits all of the AeroPress Go gear.
  6. A red silicon cover that acts as a lid when packing away your AeroPress Go, but also acts as a great lid when taking your AeroPress on the "Go".
  7. A packet of 350 micro filters.
  8. And the trusty instruction book.

I also shot an unboxing and and review of the AeroPress Go below. At the end of the video I make a coffee with it. Check it out:

AeroPress Go vs Original AeroPress

The main differences between the AeroPress Go and its original are obvious when looking at the side-by-side comparison below.

aeropress go vs aeropress

AeroPress Go vs original AeroPress

The AeroPress Go takes up about half as much size as the original AeroPress on the right. This is because the tube piston is smaller than the original. Which means you can't make as much coffee as the original. I know a lot of people have been wanting a bigger AeroPress so they can make more coffee in one go. For me however this is not a big deal and I prefer the smaller size.

Another item of note is the micro-filter holders. The AeroPress Go holder on the left is compact wallet and fits within the jug. Whereas the original AeroPress holder is bigger and holds a lot more filters. If you are on the "go" the new filter holder is better, but for home use I prefer the bigger original filter holder. Despite their differences the function of the two are the same. You insert the paper filter within the plastic filter, fill up the AeroPress with ground coffee and hot water, brew, then use the piston to extract your coffee.

Below is a comparison video of the two coffee makers I made.

Coffee Making Ability and Taste

This part of the review is easy. If you are a fan of the original AeroPress then you love the AeroPress Go. It still makes that great clean and grind free coffee we all love. The buying consideration for you will just be its new design and portability.

If you've never drank AeroPress coffee before, I like to describe it as half way between a French Press and Espresso in terms of strength and taste. The beauty of its design being that you can dilute the taste to your liking with water if it's too strong for you. Its a just a good cup of black coffee.


So is the AeroPress Go worth a buy and who is it designed for?

Initially I thought this new AeroPress Go would only be for people who have never owned an AeroPress before or maybe for others who want a more portable version.

But I think this new Go is better than the original due to its smart space saving design features and pleasing look. Functionally in respect to the coffee making ability and taste, no, there's no difference to the original AeroPress. But I just love how I can fold all the tools to make the coffee in the mug and also have  a perfect sized portable mug to travel with.

I would recommend the AeroPress Go for both new and old fans of the coffee maker. The AeroPress Go is only available for pre-order at the moment from the AeroPress website, but once it becomes available elsewhere I will let you all know.

About The Author 

Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 10 years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills.

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