AeroPress Review (Original): Unboxing and Taste Test

 Last Updated January 26, 2023

A funny thing happened this Christmas, I was gifted an AeroPress from both my sister and girlfriend. So it means I have one to test out in this AeroPress review and one to give away to my email subscribers. I'll be sending out a blast soon. Read on for my first impressions.



  • Brings out intense flavors similar to an espresso, but not as harsh.
  • Very portable and sturdy.
  • Easy to use.


  • Has a longer prep time than other black coffee makers such as french press.

AeroPress Review

But getting back on topic, the first thing I wondered when I first heard about the Aeropress was whether the hype is justified. I saw all these other bloggers raving about it, but most of them drink black coffee frequently unlike me. I'm more of an espresso fan. 

For those looking for the short answer I can safely say, yes. The hype is justified as long as you don't mind the prep time.

2023 Update: AeroPress has come out with a new version of the AeroPress called the "Go", we've reviewed this one too, click here for the AeroPress Go review.

Unboxing The AeroPress 

First let's talk about what you'll find inside Aerobie's AeroPress. It's a pretty compact packaging with little wasted space. 

unboxing an aeropress

What comes in the box. 

In the box you'll find the following: 

  1. The AeroPress tube and piston.
  2. A stirring wand, coffee scoop, and coffee funnel.
  3. The plastic filter, 350 paper filters, and filter basket. 
  4. Oh, and can't forget the instruction book. 

I also shot an unboxing and taste test video that you can check out below.

How To Make AeroPress Coffee

Making coffee with the AeroPress is very easy after you've done it once - it's one of the more unconventional ways of making coffee after all. 

You simply add a paper filter inside the BPA free plastic filter, screw the filter onto the AeroPress tube, place the tube onto a mug, add one scoop of coffee, pour in hot water (176 fahrenheit / 80 celsius), then slowly extract the coffee into the mug below by gently pressing down the piston.

You can see me making my first ever AeroPress in the video below. 

The one thing you should note though is there's is a bit more prep time involved when compared to other black coffee making methods.

So if you're the type of person that wants to make a coffee quickly in the morning, a french press or espresso maker may be better options for you.

But if you opt for the extra prep time you'll be rewarded with a great tasting coffee. 

I also think the AeroPress is  one of the best suited coffee makers for road trips and the outdoors due to the fact of how rugged it is. The plastic is 100% heat and shatter proof.

Barista Tip: If you're taking the AeroPress camping I recommend picking up a reusable mesh filter to replace the papers one. They save space and can be bought on Amazon.

How Does AeroPress Taste?

Aerobie describes the AeroPress as a "coffee and espresso maker."

The first part of that statement is true, but in no way does it make espresso, but I can see why they marketed it that way. 

aeropress coffee and espresso maker

"Espresso Maker" - not really.

I would describe the taste as something halfway between an espresso and a french press. 

The coffee is strong and flavors intense. It retains the subtle fruity and nutty notes of coffee, which is usually diluted in other black coffee extractions like french press. 

If you're not an avid espresso drinker you may even need to water down the coffee. I enjoyed it straight and hot.

aeropress coffee in mug

The end result.

But the fact of the matter is a manual coffee maker like the AeroPress does not produce the pressure needed or temperature stability required to produce espresso.

I say this as a barista who has extracted more espressos than I can hope to count - many, many thousands. 

It's a extraction coffee maker, not an espresso maker.

It still tastes great though. 

And I think that it is this more subtle intensity when compared to espresso that makes it very enjoyable to drink. 


So is the AeroPress worth a buy? 

It's cheap. It makes great coffee. It's sturdy. It's a no-brainer. 

You can pick one up yourself by clicking the button below. 

About The Author 

Ivan Bez

Ivan is the founder of Latte Art Guide and a barista with 10 years of experience. He loves coffee and aims to help people improve their coffee making skills.

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    “Barista Tip: If you’re taking the AeroPress camping I recommend picking up a reusable mesh filter to replace the papers one. They save space and can be bought on Amazon.”

    Wow, anyone who owns an Aeropress must marvel at your economy of space in preparing for “camping”, unless you go camping for months at a time : )

    Ten (or more) of the filters take up no more space than a single folded “Kleenex”, and you can easily put/store a month’s worth, loose, INSIDE of the brewer tube, so they take up no (extra) space at all.

    By the way, as to space, and storing the Aeropress, one needs to be aware that one should NOT store the plunger “deployed” inside the brewing tube of the Aeropress. That will greatly shorten the life of the rubber tip on the plunger.

    Nice review, and thanks.

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