Latte Art Phoenix

 Last Updated June 7, 2024

In this guide you will learn how to pour the latte art phoenix. The phoenix is the advanced form the Swan technique and is one of the most difficult free pour latte art designs to master. This is because it requires excellent wrist control to combine the multiple patterns needed to complete the design.


Prior Knowledge

How To Pour A Latte Art Phoenix

1. Pour The First Rosetta Wing

The key to this design is patience and control, as you will be pouring two rosettas you have to make the most out of the whole cup.

Begin by pouring one rosetta on the left side of the cup, However, instead of running the milk through the middle of the milk, pull the stream of milk along side the rosetta waves in order to create a wing.

2. Pour The Second Rosetta Wing

Repeat step 1 on the right side of the cup. Pour rosetta waves on the right side of the cup while moving your jug back towards you, however run the milk stream along side the rosetta waves instead of the middle to create the other wing. You have to be very precise here as it's very easy over pore the design. 

3. Create the Body 

Next, while completing the right wing, bring your jug in between your two rosettas and nudge your jug forward slightly like when creating a tulip in order to create the body of the Phoenix.

4. Create The Neck 

When your body is complete, drag your jug back towards the top of your cup in order to create the neck of your Phoenix, just like in the swan tutorial.

When you reach the top of the cup, bend the Phoenix’s neck down in a “U” shape motion. It is important to keep the jug close to the crema of the espresso to allow for the milk to ‘drag’ out.

5. Pour The Head

Finally the final step is to create the head of the Phoenix. Shake your jug slightly side-to-side, like when creating a heart, and then follow through the pattern to create the head. And your impressive Phoenix is complete!

latte art phoenix

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